Every Fiber of our Being

Today I pulled out every fleece and bag of wool and fiber that I've been collecting through our shearings and my gleaning from a couple of other select breeders. I filled the back yard.

The shade was lovely, even though the temperatures were pretty high, and I sorted all the bags into the fiber's type and future use. Here's our Jacob and Gulf Coast fleeces, all skirted and weighed, ready for the wash:

Here's the Gulf Coast fleeces we got from Danny-the-Shearer - they need skirting and washing:

Our alpaca fleeces have been roughly skirted, but need more attention before washing:

And some pretty alpaca acquired from high quality local sources:

I fired up Wanda the Washer and took two fleeces through the wash-spin-rinse-spin routine, and here's what we got from Mordecai's fleece. You can see there's still some yellowish yolk in the fleece, and some dirty tips. This one will need some more work. (The good news is that it's very soft.) Fortunately, the Jacob fleeces don't tend to hold on to dirt or lanolin like this.

Then we spread the fiber out to dry. As we finish cleaning all this fiber, we'll pull it aside and then make some decisions about how to process it - blend it, or card it straight? The goal is to get it off to Spinderella's as soon as possible. I should also know soon if I can move people up from the 2010 CSA Shareholder Waiting List. It's looking good.

I can't wait for Lynn to work her magic with this fiber. The sooner it's shipped, the sooner we're spinning it! I think we're on track to get it back much earlier in the year this time!


  1. I wonder who else would get a yeehaw from washing fleeces....I know I do! You GO GIRL!

  2. Wow! That looks fantastic. I can hardly wait!

  3. Ooooh! Can I come over and roll in it!?

  4. Get in line, Peggy! Behind me!

  5. Wow, lots of work! I know this will just be lovely once you've finished!

  6. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Don't forget you have more alpaca fiber in Balch Springs! Alpacamama


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