Festival Eve

All is in readiness! Looks like the day is going to shape up into a nice one. A little warm, maybe, but not out of range for this time of year. There's plenty of shade to go around. Bring your wheel or knitting needles, a dish to share, your appetite for a good tale and yarn. Everyone's invited. You won't go home hungry!

Jennifer, Claire and Donna came by to help get the tents set up and the garden spruced. Here, Ted and Claire bungee the canopy to the frame.

We've promised the lambs that they'll meet their fans tomorrow - they're excited!

Smokey will be looking for a welcoming lap or two.

Ruth is doing fine - she has just about rooted herself to our living room floor. We get her up every so often to take a short walk to relieve herself, but she doesn't exactly bolt out the door. We literally have to pull and push at the same time to get her to the "drop zone."

Then, she's like a horse coming back to the barn when we head back to the house. Out of her way! I'm wondering when she's going to perk up a little more. This girl is the Funk & Wagnalls definition of laid back. Anyone need a sweet, fluffy bathroom rug that goes, "woof?"


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Real cute picture of Smokey. She looks like she is deep in thought> Are we having grilled mouse for diner. Alpacamama

  2. OMG . . . your pic and description of moving Ruth to the "drop zone" totally cracked me up!!! I needed a good laugh today. I'm lonesome, and you brightened my day!! xoxo


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