Fun on the Great Plains

Yes, it was kind of traumatic to drive past my childhood refuge, my grandmother's house in Lawton, OK, and find it had been robbed of its former glory. But my Aunt Karelin softened the blow by taking us to the new Museum of the Great Plains on our way out of town. This turned out to be a really nice museum, full of some very neat stuff.

Karelin and her friend Bea had been here before, and the first stop was to check out the huge prairie dog village that surrounds the museum. It took some waiting and staring, but finally, the little rodents began to peek their heads out of their numerous burrows.

Cute little guys, but you wouldn't want them getting loose out on your lawn.

We were greeted at the museum entrance by a giant golden bison. And everyone had to stand in front of it and get silly. What is it about statuary to bring out the goofball in all of us?

Inside, they had displayed the results of a workshop on how to make cool stuff with gourds. Aren't these amazing? I'm looking for a source for longleaf pine needles, if anyone has any...

Once we had ventured into the museum proper, they had lots of nice 1860's kind of displays. After my infatuation with the "Victorian Farm" DVDs, this shed some light on what was going on here in Oklahoma during roughly the same time period. Lots of nice parallels.

Outside, they had recreated a trapper's outpost. Emma found the fake horse immediately.

A costumed interpreter told us all about the settlers trading with the Indians for beads, tea, knives, guns, and metalware. He quizzed us on our American and Oklahoma history. I wish I'd gotten this gentleman's name. He loves history and shares it with passion. Plus, he shook my hand when he found out I raise sheep... says his wife wants to learn how to spin!

You know me - I love the old stuff. I could have moved into this old cabin in a heartbeat.

There was more here as well - archeological findings to NASA simulators. We all had a really nice time here. If you're ever passing through Lawton, Oklahoma, on your way someplace important, give this museum a little of your time. In a general way, these early Oklahoma settlers are my people.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place! Even though it has been over 20 years, Gene still misses working at the Homeplace 1850 at the Land Between the Lakes.

  2. His name is Len McCue and he is a volunteer.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca! Please let him know how much we enjoyed his tour. He's an asset to the museum, for sure.

  4. Cindy - glad "our" museum made a happy ending to your tour of southwest Oklahoma. {:-Deb


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