The Good Earth

I really think our garden guy, Adam here, likes the hot weather. His expression never changes, and he's always got open arms for anyone who stops by.

Pretty soon we'll have purple cone flower, echinacea, for some immune system boosting tea.

The herb bed is booming - basils of all kinds, and a nice green pepper plant there in the center.

Now that it's getting pretty warm, the tomatoes are putting on some nice growth. If all these start bearing, we'll be covered up in a month or two.

Instead of hand watering, yesterday I tried the twirly-whirly sprinkler. It's a trade-off: I don't use up my time just standing around, but the water goes all over the place, and a bunch of it just evaporates in the air. Hmmm. Not sure how involved it would be to design a soaker hose system. That would probably be the best. Low time-input, and low waste.

Squash seeds sprouted perfectly, and the cukes are already headed up the supports.

Meanwhile, out in the pasture, the sheep are loving their new grass. It's kind of weedy over there, but they love to eat those, too. Remember all the poison ivy they cleared last year? Remind me not to smooch the sheep for a while...

This empty bird nest caught my eye as I surveyed the new pasture. I wonder if they'll be back?

Every day there's a new discovery on the farm...


  1. So how do you make echinacea tea?

  2. Beautiful! Get out the mini food processor, put in that basil with some pine nuts and olive oil, cook up some pasta and call it dinner! Yum!

  3. Lovely. I've used soaker hoses: really easy and efficient use of woman-power and water.


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