I Get By With A Lot of Help From My Friends

Our mulch "patio" outside the Little Red Barn is finished! It's wonderful! Didn't I do a great job? You're right-- I didn't. Gail did. She really tore it up today and now the front yard is lookin' good. She worked like crazy around the garden as well, hacking down dead branches, pulling up messy weeds, and helping me with animal issues.

The garden area is quickly becoming a peaceful sight for sore eyes, as well as a soothing place to dig your fingers into the soil. Our little seedlings are coming right along, and the mulched path gets closer and closer to completion.

The weather is still looking great for Saturday's Festival. I really hope you can make it. We should have a bona fide blast.

Keep us in your thoughts - our Ruth (LGD) is having some issues with her long hair, her bum leg, and the heat. We'll be trimming her up tomorrow and trying to deal with some skin trouble that she has developed. Also, some chickens need some treatment, the alpacas need some medicated shampoo, and Itzhak still managed to escape today, after I thought I closed the gap in the gate. When it rains, it pours.

Wednesday, the plan is to fetch the three new Gulf Coast Native lambs from our friend Kim. Prepare for lots of lamb photos, as we welcome little Nathan, Isaiah, and Titus.


  1. I was going to work this web site on a good use for pet hair into my blog, but since I don't have pets, what's the use in my blogging about them. So here it is for you:


  2. Gail is amazing. Love the mulch patio. Should make good drainage there. Is Ruth having hot spots? Antibiotic for that and shaving area.
    The fun never stops with livestock and animals.

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Hope all of your sick animals are doing better today. Alpacamama

  4. What a wonderful space you & Gail created -- she's a go-getter, isn't she? Hope to see you Saturday.



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