Inch By Inch, Row By Row..

...we're gonna make this garden grow...

It is starting to look like a real garden now. Donna, Gail, Laurie and Jennifer have all had a hand in taming this wild plot of ground, and now it's taking beautiful shape.

Baby Eggplant

We're still mulching the walkways and cleaning up the overgrown pockets of the cinder block edging, but the end is in sight. It's lookin' good.

Herb Circle with Basils and a Bell Pepper

I love the little seedlings as they settle into their spots and start to sink their roots into the rich earth.

Long Bed with Red Cabbage, Egg Plant, and Tomatoes

And I feel like a kid at Christmas when I come out in the morning to water and see that they've put on an inch or two of growth overnight.

Garden Architect, Donna

Donna is really helping us design the space, and will be teaching our "Cooking From Your Garden" class in June. She has raised seven kids on produce she grew in her backyard. She is an incredible cook and hostess - you won't want to miss this class.

... and the Undergardener, a Golden Laced Wyandotte

Rachel and Gail Clean Lumber

Gail and her mom, Rachel, are also seasoned (sorry) gardeners, and come overflowing with great ideas about making the garden tidy and easy-care. They have amazing energy.

Gail's Amazing New Farm Sign

I have to show off Gail's work on our new farm sign. We love the sweet, rustic, welcoming look of the new sign. Can't wait to show everyone who comes to the big Fine Arts Fiber Fantasy Festival here next Saturday, May 15. Gail will have more of her whimsical pieces on display and for sale, as well.

We will also be featuring the work of several other local artists and vegetable CSA farms. Please come hear the storytellers, enjoy a potluck lunch, and take in all the farm has to offer!

You are also free to admire the hard work of the Garden Girls!


  1. The garden looks wonderful! That is great.
    Gail's sign is beautiful, so much talent. Her items are awesome.

  2. Anonymous3:11 AM

    It's great to see all the new growth at the farm! It reminds me of what is happening at my school, I will try and send you some photos.. There is a new drive on in UK for schools to 'grow their own'. There is even a supermarket supplying coupons to help with equipment! Makes a change from computer stuff for schools!


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