New Lambs Come Home

Our friends Kim and Garth Travis of The Rose Colored Forest in Bedias, Texas, march to the beat of a very different drummer. They live very close to "off grid" and primarily grow lots of different types of vegetables to sell for a living. There's never a dull moment at the Travis place.

Today, they demonstrated a unique way to wrassle a sheep into a dog carrier for transport.

Actually, I caught poor Kim in this compromised position when Titus made a break for it and bolted out of the crate. She grabbed him as he flew by, but he seems to have gotten the upper hand until Garth came to the rescue. Always a laugh a minute with Kim and Garth.

Once again, I imposed upon our friend Gail to make the trip with me and keep me awake behind the wheel, under the influence of antihistamines. We had a blast. Even stopped for peaches on the way back. It is peach season, and one mustn't let that slip by uncelebrated.

The boys rested peacefully in the back of the truck in their crates: Nathan and Titus shared a crate, and Isaiah got his own accommodations for the ride.

We got them back to Parker and installed in their pen-within-a-pen, so that Judah can become fully familiar with them before we mix the groups. You generally want the guard dog to recognize all the sheep in the pen as "ours" and not "intruders." The possible negative consequences are obvious.

Aren't they lovely? Little Titus will really stand out in this all-white flock. But every flock needs at least one black sheep. They are all freshly weaned, but not tiny. Until I get to know them better, I'll be glad Nathan and Isaiah have their names written on their ear tags.

When we left this evening to see a performance of "Little House on the Prairie" (with Melissa Gilbert as "Ma") the new boys were settling into their new home, and receiving greetings from their new flock mates. They'll also be receiving guests on Saturday for the big Fine Arts Fiber Fantasy Festival - so, y'all come!

TOMORROW: Ruth comes home.


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