Oh Me of Little Faith

This is what "60% chance of rain" looked like today:

After a bit of an overcast morning, the sun came out, the air dried up a bit, and it was beautiful. Oh well. I just pray that next Saturday's 60% chance of rain looks as good as today's did.

In spite of a postponed Festival, I opened the Little Red Barn up for a casual knitting/spinning day, and four lovely ladies joined me! It was so good to see friends Mary and Rita again, and to meet new friends Hannah and Jen for the first time! Shareholder Hannah had never been to the farm, though we had been friends on various on-line venues. So nice to meet them both and visit over some beautiful knitting projects.

Hannah told us how she had taught her mom to knit, and then her mom turned around and knitted her the coolest fulled wool bag - it has her Ravelry name (Hannah8ball) and the Ravelry name and logo knitted into it. Awesome!

Thanks for driving all this way, ladies! Next time we'll have a larger group, and even better - food!

And speaking of food, here's my version of the radish and green bean dish, suggested to me by pal Sharon. Very easy: fresh green beans and sliced radishes, drizzled with olive oil and spices, baked on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Very yum. Next, I need to try Caroline's recipe. Must pace myself.

Another progress report, here's how the plastic bag crochet project is coming. This is about 7.5 bags cut, looped, wound, and crocheted:

It's really kind of fun, actually. And pretty mindless, for those occasions when you just can't spare the brain cells. I have lots of those moments...


  1. Terri7:34 AM

    hmmmm. I guess you could crochet a reusable market bag out of the bags you get when you forget to take your reusable market bags...

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Love the bag! That is very special! AND your crochet Cindy! Wow! Oh and the beans and radish look good too! Yum x



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