Ruth Takes Medical Leave

... probably for good. Our big girl came home from the vet tonight, with three kinds of medicine and special food. Prognosis: this is one crippled girl.

Her abscess will heal in time, but her bigger problem, and a compounding one, is that her hip and leg are really messed up. The x-rays show that she has a long metal plate in her leg, with half a dozen screws embedded into parts that aren't really meshed together. Her pelvis is all out of whack. Clearly, she must have been run over by a car earlier in her life and was cobbled back together in kind of an interesting way.

I don't think I can put her back in the pasture.

When she's feeling good, she does seem to enjoy being out there with the alpacas, limpy-loping after trucks along the fence line and barking at coyote howls at night. But if anything actually confronted her while she was on duty, she'd be absolutely no match for them. She'd not be able to defend herself, much less her charges.

Her weight is also an issue - she's got to take off some pounds - the extra layers make it really hard for her to deal with the heat. Once her medicine is finished, she's switching to diet food!

Bottom line: Ruth needs to live inside with someone who's willing to take on a slightly disabled, beautiful dog with a heart of pure gold. Do you know anyone like that? Interestingly, she seems to respond to Ted more than me. I think she's looking for Mr. Right. In the meantime, she's crashing on my living room rug.

Tomorrow: the big Party Prep day!


  1. poor puppy. we had to put mystery puppy to sleep today...a very fast tumor...the anniversary of my older sister's death. i hope you not only find a good home for ruth but a good replacement as well.

  2. Oh RUTH! I'll start looking for her "Mr. Right" today :)

  3. Cindy, so sorry to hear that Ruth can't do the guard dog duties. I'll be praying for her new home to be found very soon. She looks so lovable -- my two cats are giving me the two thumbs down sign....

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I wish I could take her for you Cindy! I still miss my Daisy SO much! Such a shame you're so far away!
    Hugs x


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