Scores of People Become Spindle Pros

A wonderful crowd of folks gathered on the grassy hill at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, eager to learn how to spin wool on a drop spindle! Sixty-seven people stopped by the Jacob Sheep Conservancy booth to pick up a ticket to the class. We gathered at 2:30 PM, in the scorching heat, and in about 30 minutes, everyone - men, women and children - were spinning really nice yarn. Wow.

Jacob breeders, independent fiber retailers and Carl the Yak Man of Bijou Basin had donated fiber for all the folks to spin with their new spindles. Thank you so much to everyone who kicked in!

Over the whole weekend, 68 people bought one of my CD drop spindle kits to learn spinning. A good sized handful of people got one-on-one lessons right there in the booth before taking their new spindles home.

Thanks also to the "angels" there on the hill who had enough experience and knowledge to help folks around them with some hands on help. I checked - no one left frustrated or disappointed. Amazing.

There's a magical moment when the lightbulb goes on and the physics make sense, and the fingers find their tasks, and the yarn forms. And when nearly 70 people have that "Aha" moment all at the same time, it transports! Thank you all for letting me share that moment with you!


  1. Does this mean you've reach your 100 spinners goal? Great job! You were born to teach! Love you! *;)

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Luckydog here. Glad to see my friend, SassyKat, got the photos of the great event to you!

  3. Holy Cow, Gail! Thanks for reminding me to thank Debbie, aka SassyKat on Ravelry, for taking and sending me these lovely pictures!

    I am still trying to get the video I took out of my phone/camera and into the computer so I can share it.

    You're a lifesaver, SassyKat!!

  4. I'm starting to think I'm twisted (it's a pun) or something. I haven't had the urge to spin yarn. Even after 12 years of knitting. My husband would say it's because I have one of the world's largest yarn stashes.

  5. How amazing is this? I love you for doing this. My spindle brings me so much pleasure and I'm so glad to know others will soon be as sucked in as I am :-)

  6. Cindy, your goal of 100 spinners has got to be getting close and the year is not half way yet!! It is amazing that when you put your mind to something and put it in God's hands how wonderful to see the results happen!!!
    Did you really mean 200 in a year???!!!! You are awesome!!!!! Love, Brenda

  7. What fun! And I'm finding spinning on a spindle just as fun as spinning on a wheel, plus it has the added benefit of being portable. I now have 5 in my collection and am already drooling over a couple more. Uh-oh guys, you know what this means don't you? Cindy is a fiber pusher and the spindle is a gateway drug! Oh, but fiber is such a wonderful addiction. Thanks so much sweetie!

  8. Anonymous3:08 AM

    What a wonderful sight to see all those new spindlers!


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