Shear the Pyr

The heat has hit. Mid 90's out of nowhere. Time to take evasive action. The sheep and alpacas have been sheared, but our Great Pyrenees is trotting around in full fleece.

I hesitate to actually shave Judah's coat off, so I'm starting with a less drastic plan - the coat rake. This cool grooming tool pulls out undercoat and knots, and leaves the protective outercoat, mostly. Judah thinks getting the rake is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

When I started in on the job, the hair came out in HUGE wads. I thought maybe I was plucking a 100 lb angora rabbit. Puff, puff, puff - the hair kept coming out.

I am considering washing this white cloud and giving it a spin. I've never done "chiengora" before, but you know how I hate to waste nice fiber...

Tomorrow, I'll rake the RIGHT side of his body.


  1. We've been trying to decide what to do about our Pyrs too. MudBud makes it easy - he's been shedding. But Princess, the one with the heaviest coat, is holding on to all of it! I hesitate to actually clip her. I've heard it helps them keep cool since it's white and all. Quite the question!

  2. We had a neighbor in McKinney that spun the Collie hairs she collected from her dog brush and the couch into yarn and made a felted dog bed. She may have crocheted the spun fiber with wool to get it to felt.

    You may want to check with a vet about shaving or close clipping the Pyrs. Some dogs get sunburned if their coats are cut too short.

  3. Exactly. That's a big reason I won't shave him. Also, I understand it has an insulating effect that helps keep them cool.

    My white alpacas don't mind the sun nearly as much as the darker ones. I know that fiber reflects the rays away.


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