Success by Every Measure

Juniper Moon Farm Meet Up

Huge booth sales. Almost seventy people coming to the Flash Mob Spinning Lesson. Getting to hang with some awesome podcasters, Fiber Farm devotees, and fellow Jacob people... I don't think today could have gone better.

Jackie Lynch of the "KIPing It Real" podcast, and me.

The only improvement I could have designed would have been to make the temperature more like 69, rather than 89, but I'm not in charge of that.

Guido Stein of the "It's a Purl Man" Podcast, and organizer of the awesome After Party

And technology. I'm wrestling with technology right now. Working on getting all my photos and video to upload, so that they can be added to blog posts. Sorry for the delay in getting you the "You Are There" experience. It's my first priority, because I want you here with me!

You would have loved the gyros...


  1. Looks like you were having a great time!!

  2. It was so nice to finally meet you in real life! I still wish we would have had time to come to the spinners class, the days vanished so fast there. :)


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