This is Not Looking Good

Stay tuned. There will be an announcement later today about whether we will hope for a break in the weather for our Festival on Saturday or reschedule. Spring in Texas.... gotta love it.


  1. Anonymous3:10 AM

    O dear Cindy... the weather is a fickle friend! I hope all goes well for you on Saturday! I am off sick today, I have flu, I think I got it because our weather is so changeable at the mo and we just don't know what to wear! It looks warm, but the air is cold!
    I'll be praying for sunshine for you
    Best wishes

  2. My boots are on standby.

  3. my word verification was tedogoo.... how did they know that's what the ground turns to after 4 days of rain in North Texas?

  4. It's just not fair! We have so been looking forward to this weekend! If Saturday is not pretty, I'm going to really start whining. (At this point, visualize me stamping my feet and shaking my fist at the clouds.)

  5. Oh Peggy....don't do that!!! It might shake out the rain!!! I have been looking forward to this day too!!!! ARGH Texas Springtime!!!!

  6. Well, crumb. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. arrggg.


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