We Stopped. We Smelled. Roses Delivered.

Saturday, buddy Gail and I visited the farmers' market in McKinney.

The sweet heritage roses at Chestnut Square lived up to their promise. The robust fragrance stayed with us as we strolled the shaded path between the booths of the farmer's market, chatting with the farmers and sampling their tasty wares.

Many of these local producers will have literature available at our Storytelling event next Saturday, so you can perhaps work this great food into your budget and eating plan.

In addition to great local vegetables and meat, some of these vendors also produce honey, herbs, soap and garden plants. They're here every Saturday in McKinney, or you can come get a bunch of information on several of them here at the farm next weekend, at the Fine Arts Fiber Fantasy Festival.

We will have one local farmer with us, Tim Taylor, of Humble Beginnings Family Farm in New Hope - a small burg east of McKinney. Tim has a fascinating operation with vegetables, goats and cattle, with bees and a vineyard in the future plans. I visited his farm Saturday afternoon with the family, and got to see his very cool covered planting beds, goats and calves. He has a fascinating story to tell himself (he was a professional chef for 12 years), come meet him in person.

In the next couple of days, I'll highlight several of the artists who will be with us on Saturday. At the moment, there really isn't a Plan B for bad weather, so my plan is to petition the Almighty for some sunshine over our little patch of earth.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I'm marking my calendar now! We'll be there. I had no idea the Farmer's Market in McKinney was on Chestnut Square, that's right there by my hair dresser's house! Is it open every Saturday?

  2. I believe so, during the growing season. I can't believe this was my first visit! I should have gone long before this!


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