Wild Berries

This afternoon I returned home to find all six sheep from the north paddock lounging in the backyard! Apparently, they had found their way through a gap somewhere and gone on a walkabout. I would have given anything to see them wander around trying to get back into their pen. When I discovered them, it was very easy to just lead them back to where they belong - they followed me one right after the other. Judah was still very much on guard, protecting his territory. He doesn't go in for sightseeing.

As I was walking the fenceline, trying to discover the escape route, I happened upon a lovely patch of wild blackberries! They are covered in thorns and the berries are small, but my-oh-my, do they taste good. I'm glad we don't have bears in this part of town. I fear we might have to set up a 24 hour vigil during blackberry season.

My best guess is that the sheep squeezed through the west gate that leads out to the road. I have since made that way tougher to get through. Let's hope the sheep lose their wanderlust and settle down to enjoy grazing in their new pasture.


  1. YIkes!! Hey, I DO love those berries!! I guess you didn't have time to run get the camera for a shot of the gang in the back yard...

  2. Yes - I missed the money shot. And Itzhak gave me another chance today, and I missed that, too. We need a full-time photographer on staff here.


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