First Touch

William and Zoe touched a bird for the first time today. And I'm proud to say it was one of our chickens. The kids, along with baby brother Levi and mom Angela, stopped by the farm today for eggs, and wanted to see a chicken up close. They are proud Chicken Sponsors, so it was high time they got to visit with a hen face to face. We also took a peek at the guinea keets, to round out their avian experience.

Blinded by the sun, and sporting his new farm bling, William poses with his eggs, which his family enjoys morning, noon, and night, they say.

Related note: If you know of kids who need some summer fun and farm exposure, we're still accepting campers for FARM CAMP 2010 from July 12-16, for ages 7-10. We are also working on a week of camp from August 2-6 for kids 11-13 years old. Check our website for all the information, including a registration form. E-mail me ( if you have questions.

And FYI - we're off for a couple of days to visit my MIL for her 90th birthday. We'll have limited time at the computer, so watch for updates on our return.


  1. Sounds like William, Zoe, and levi had a most excellent adventure! Wish I was going to be there for the kids' camp!! I'd love to help out.

  2. You're doing a great job with the children, Cindy! Looking forward to reading the reports about kid's camp!


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