Girly Fun in the Red Barn Today

We sure missed you today. June will go down as an outstanding Third Saturday at the LRB. As usual, we noshed on Ted's blue ribbon quiche.

We also had chicken salad, donuts and kolaches, and (in keeping with our Garden theme) basil jelly with cream cheese on crackers, and cantaloupe. Oh yeah. Nobody goes home hungry from a spin-in.

Our pal Pam got to be with us again -- and she's getting ready to start spinning. Welcome to the obsession, Pam. Hold on to your heart...

Pam was working on a beautiful prayer shawl for a dear friend. A lot of love is going into this piece.

Lovely Rita was excited to show us pictures of the front-runner in her wedding dress quest. Luscious. So exciting!

Jennifer is knitting a neat scarf - the pattern, Tree Bark, is here on Ravelry. Smokey helped.

Gail, artist deluxe, brought several of her creations to show. Here's her awesome little chicken man doll.

And totally snuggable frog girl...

Who went home with Birthday Girl, GrandmaTutu! Score, Mary!

Gail also showed off one of the cutest dog/chicken houses I've ever seen. This is for sale, too, guys.... let me know if you're interested - I'll hook you up.

Brenda liked Gail's horse doll in vintage duds; she took her home! She'll either be a gift, or.... not. Like all Gail's dolls, this one has layers of beautifully sewn clothes and fascinating details.

Brenda then went back to spinning this gorgeous tiger striped, sparkly fiber. Yum.

Before everyone left, I got some help moving the guineas out of their temporary quarters in the utility room, to the large brooder out on the back porch. They'll have ever so much more room there to play. Bye-bye storage tub!

Claire helped me socialize the keets a little before turning them loose in the big black stock tank they'll call home for several weeks.

Since we've had so many uninvited snake visitors lately, I attached another layer of mesh on the lid of the brooder, with much smaller holes. I'm not interested in feeding the snakes with my baby guineas.

July's spin-in will be on the 17th. We don't have a scheduled activity yet - any ideas?

There are still a few spots open for Farm Camp - let me know if you have a camper who'd like to come July 12-16.


  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day!!! The guineas will be fun to watch grow and hear about.

  2. Sorry I had to leave a little early and missed the moving of the guineas! It was a perfect birthday for me . . . morning with my fiber friends, afternoon and evening with my family . . . I'm blessed beyond measure!! I love Fiona the Frog . . . she's sitting next to me "as we speak," and the basil jelly is just indescribably delish!!! Thanks to everyone who made it so special!!


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