Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah...

1967 - I'm a very excited new Girl Scout

Here I am, designing a camp for kids that will transfer our love for the farm through as many creative avenues as possible. I'm getting really revved up about this... I'm a camp lover from my early years, and all the good memories are seeping back into my thoughts.

As a ten-year old Girl Scout, I was indoctrinated in all things Campy: bonfires, s'mores, Kum Ba Ya, God's Eyes, and KP duty. Right now I can smell the musty zing of the green tent canvas and the sweet earthy fragrance of the pine needle floor of the hiking trail.

Headed for a two-week camp in the woods. Life-changing.

How do you pass this along to the next generation?

Obviously, our camp will be quite different; we're focusing on the farm rather than the woods, and there will be no sleeping under the stars. But I hope we have a lot of stretching, learning, observing, handling, creating, laughing, and opportunities for wonderment. I'm still a sucker for arts and crafts using natural, found materials, and the farm is a veritable mother lode of those: rocks, sticks, feathers, leaves, flowers, fur... We'll be making some really, really cool stuff at Farm Camp.

This is gonna be good.

And the more we talk about it, the more I realize that grown ups need this kind of experience, too. So Big Girl Farm Camp is actively in the works right now as well. A little more sophisticated, but full of the old camp fire fun. And maybe sangria. If you're interested, drop me a line...

Sing with me: "Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other, gold."


  1. Man, I looked at that picture and thought sure I was looking at Emma! Scary!

  2. It could not possibly look more like Em!!!!!
    Way to go! AND btw, I never got to go to camp. Not once. :(

  3. Oh Laurie -- you'll have to come to Big Girl Camp & we'll teach you all the songs!

    Cindy, the pictures are great -- but I thought they were of Emma!

  4. Laurie, that's just all kinds of wrong. In addition to singing the songs, you'll have to do a really dumb skit with two friends, make a popsicle stick birdhouse, and cook hamburgers and cut up potatoes in foil

    Cindy, this really makes me wish I were 8-yrs-old again! And I'm putting in vote for for the "Cindy and Emma look alike" column!

  5. Here I am at Camp Granada. Oh, my goodness...I owned that ALBUM and played it incessantly. My kids now know that song. Wish we lived closer to come by your wonderful farm! We are starting an angora rabbit breeding/fiber business, so your place sounds right up our alley! (Think I found you on ravelry!)

  6. Don't forget the "jungle juice." *;)

  7. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I love that song! I can still hear the echo of singing it "in round"!

  8. I still remember all the songs I learned at Camp Pine & Dunes in Walkerville, MI. (I was there in 1968 -- so homesick! -- and again in 1970 for a much more enjoyable experience.) Hope you have a fun farm camp!

    (Very nice photo of you in your junior uniform!)


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