Here We Go Again

This is my 21st consecutive summer in Texas. You'd think by now I'd get it. Texas is hot. But every year I'm shocked and appalled. I think it's because my brain sort of turns into a slurry and my memories blur together until the temperatures begin to fall again in about 5 or 6 months.

But I'm not alone. The critters are adopting the Hot Weather Protocol: eat early, hide in the shade until about 8 PM and then venture out into the pasture to graze. The sheep alone appear nonchalant about the heat.

Even in the house, our big white bear skin rug seems limp and lifeless. Here is Ruth at 10 AM this morning.

Here she is at 7 PM, having only moved at all to potty outside, and to eat her dinner. This is her spot, and if you'd like, you may pet and massage her. You must also step over her or go around her if you wish to navigate the kitchen.

She's about done with her medicine and she should really be looking for her forever home. As you can see, she isn't much bother. Do you know someone who would love a large, furry, laid back, Unconditional Love Machine?


  1. The same thing happens to me. I seem to never remember exactly how hot it gets until I'm sitting melting under the ceiling fan. I've just about decided to put a reminder on my calendar, that yes, we hit 100 degrees the first week in June, and no, that's not early. Sigh. Time to put our heads down and hope for fall. :)


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