Mission Accomplished

I have one of the coolest jobs on God's green earth. Today, I got to accomplish the farm's mission not once, but six times. Six individual people came to the farm, walked the property, met the animals, experienced the peace, and got excited about what the farm has to offer. Some thought they were just picking up some fresh eggs and discovered much more. One lady was just looking for a like-minded friend. And another couple is looking for encouragement to build a life that's gentle, sustainable, and respectful of the old ways. Future spinners, I'm thinking. What a privilege to spend time with these sweet people.

I got to having so much fun that I forgot the camera, but I'm sure I'll see all these people again. I can't wait for you to meet them. They're like you and me. They love the farm. Thank God for the farm.

Besides the usual chores today, I did get Judah's brushings washed and almost dry. They're not quite ready to spin, but I am absolutely blown away by this fiber! If I didn't know better, I would think I had a batch of prime alpaca on the drying rack. It's really, really beautiful. The proof will come in the spinning, of course, but this stuff has serious potential. I'm tossing around the idea of spinning it up, knitting a small project, and auctioning it off for Pyrenees rescue. That is, after all, how I was blessed with Judah in the first place.

Hey, I promised you a picture of the toad I happened upon the other night. Isn't he cute? The best thing is that his presence indicates that the farm is safe for sensitive species like the Gulf Coast Toad. You're welcome here, little June-bug-eating, twilight-singing, amphibian buddy.


  1. Looks JUST like alpaca! What a treat! Hey, I have a toad cousin over here. Do they eat slugs??

  2. have you found her ladyship a new home yet and are you going to get a replacement for her?

  3. No new home yet, though we're still looking. And yes, I do need a dog in with the alpacas...


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