Pick a Little, Talk a Little

I got to enjoy Chris and Gail's company today in the Little Red Barn as we worked on more fleece for our fiber harvest. I have cute pictures of the ladies working the wool, but I'm having technical issues tonight. Don't ask. Today, Mary Elizabeth's fleece went on the rack - or rather, through the picker, to be opened up and fluffed, so that the next wash will get the wool really clean.

Here's the picker - up close and dangerous. These things have rows of very sharp nails, both on the bottom stationary part, and also on the underside of the swinging pendulum part. The wool goes between these parts, and is pulled open by getting hung on and pulled by the nails. It's sort of like being chewed up by a shark. The operator must have her wits about her and not accidentally get poked by the nails. They will let your blood.

So, the locks go in the front of the picker all tight and stuck together, and then after being yanked apart and pulled through the pendulum action, they come out light and fluffy on the other side.

This speeds up the job we had been doing by hand, considerably. Now, time for another hot water wash.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll be able to squeeze the pictures out of my phone of our two pals hard at work. And the toad. I wanted to show you the toad.


  1. Sorry I missed the fun! I'm a natural-born picker! AND talker!

  2. That contraption looks down-right medieval. Watch those fingers! *;)


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