Smokey's Red Barn Revue

I love the days when our repetitive farm routine is broken up a little by a visitor, keen on learning what's so wonderful about Jacob's Reward.

Yesterday, we welcomed Ryan Jones, a young freelance writer working on a blurb for the on-line version of D Magazine. He enjoyed the quick farm tour (too hot to stand outside for long) and helped me give the alpacas a hosing down. Then we retired to the LRB. Smokey, as usual, had to check him out and welcome him to her home, while we talked about CSA's, free range eggs, spinning wool, Farm Camp and our awesome community of friends. I'll let you know when his piece hits the internet --Ryan also visited our pal Carolyn at Khatter Vineyards and other points of interest here in Parker, so it should be a fun piece.

Then today, our new friend Gay came over for a spinning lesson.

Gay and her husband had dropped by on shearing day and got a quick lesson in skirting fleece from Laurie. Gay and I had a wonderful spinning time together - she caught on immediately and left with some beautiful yarn already on her spindle. I bet she has a bunch of Jacob wool yarn spun up in no time.

Smokey recognized a true Cat Person in Gay and took over her lap. Many people would have considered that an impediment to learning a new skill, but Gay took it in stride and produced really lovely yarn, even with a lap full of liquid cat.

If you need a kitty fix, remember that this Saturday is our Third Saturday Spin-In at the Little Red Barn. Smokey will be gracing laps most of the day, if it fits her mood, of course.


  1. So priceless--adorable. Smokey certainly has figured out how to live well!! LOL Can't wait to read the article!! How exciting. See you Saturday!!


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