A Stroll in the Garden

My watering chores expanded into a quick inventory of what new things were appearing in the garden tonight.

The guardians of the garden have set up camp-- this very young orb spider, for one. These guys do a great job of catching insects bent on doing harm to our vegetables. As you were, soldier.

Eggplant embryos.

Infant squash.

Inklings of cantaloupe.

Adolescent cucumbers.

The tomatoes are growing into lovely plants, but there's no fruit so far.

The garden snail says, "Slow down. Chill out. What's your hurry?"

On the menu for the hummingbirds: Scullcap

Flame Acanthus

and Turk's Cap.

And tomorrow in the Little Red Barn, "Cooking From Your Garden." Our scheduled speaker, Donna, had to rush off to Connecticut a week earlier than planned, so we'll be gleaning awesome recipes and ideas from several other gifted gardener/chef/fiber friends. If you have any good ideas about how to enjoy the bounty of the summer garden, favorite recipes or tricks and tips, bring them along! And bring a dish to share, if you are able, and any fiber projects you're working on. We'll make a lovely day of it! 10 AM until Whenever.


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