...Aaaaand We're Back

Wow, four days away. Not many farmers get vacations like this.

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Idaho for DH's mom's 90th birthday party, and to spend some time with his extended family. These chances don't come often, and when someone hits 90 years old, you just have to put everything else aside and celebrate.

Idaho weather usually beats Texas in the summer by a long shot, and we were not disappointed: cool temperatures, low humidity, and soft green grass you can run across with no shoes. My MIL is a great gardener and we especially enjoyed her roses and ripe raspberries.

As a quick gift, I was able to knit up a nice cotton boucle wrap that fit her well, and that she says will get lots of use. Then she turned the tables and shocked me with a gift.

Several years ago while she was visiting us, she offered to take one of my greatgrandmother's hand-pieced quilt tops home and finish the quilting. I had begun the work years before and quit out of abject intimidation. She carted it home and I forgot about it for a long, long time. Early in this trip, I had actually decided to ask for it back and let her off the hook about finishing such a huge job.

But after she had opened her presents from the family, she got up and slipped down the hall to her room. She returned with my completed quilt over her arm. And it wasn't just completely quilted with beautiful tiny stitches - she had finished the outside edge of the quilt with tiny invisible stitches rather than with a simpler seam binding. This queen size quilt is made up of hundreds of hexagonal pieces about an inch across--no small assignment. I was in shock. It's gorgeous, and now, after 70+ years of languishing in cupboards and closets, this quilt can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Julie is, at 90 years of age, an amazing woman.

Too soon we had to leave the sisters, brothers-in-law, cousins, cousin's kids, niece, awesome meals, and the incredible view from Julie's back porch. After a long day of planes and airports, we hit the steamy, sodden air of Dallas and knew we were back home.

Tomorrow, I'll relate the events we missed by being out of town. Our fantastic farm sitters had adventures of their own... (cue the cliffhanger music)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! And, I have to say that quilt brought tears to my eyes! This is the SAME pattern that my Grandmother made for me and I finally had it quilted by a friend. I will bring mine to share with you guys next spin day. Wow! It is soooo beautiful!!!
    Glad you guys made it home safely! :)

  2. Oh, my gosh what a wonderful gift for you!! The quilt is gorgeous! I have a quilter friend, who is about 80, and she has a couple of those from her mom. Several of them, she helped with as a child. She actually traced around a dime, for all of the hexagons. She told me that they used dimes, nickels or quarters for those quilts.


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