The "Barnies" Really Know How to Party

It's my birthday month, and it's hotter than a $2 pistol, so naturally, I thought of Ice Cream to liven up our Third Saturday Spin In at the Little Red Barn. I also knew we were expecting some new folks, so I wanted to make them feel welcome. I potted up some herb seeds so everyone could take home a little bit of the farm.

But I had no idea how much like a birthday party our day would turn out to really be! We met some wonderful new friends: Claire from Dublin, Lela from Richardson, Lily and Mark from Frisco, and Lisa from way out past Lubbock! Rockstars Dawn, Tasha and Liz joined us, and Tasha brought along her husband and inlaws - awesome new friends... Recent spinning students Laura and Gay were able to come and show off their new wheels -- you GO girls! Leslie had a gorgeous new wheel to trot out as well - va va voom! And it's always a party when regulars Brenda, Peggy, Liz, Edie, Rita, Terri, Mary, Jennifer, little Claire, Jill and Debbie swing by for the day. Folks popped in and out sometimes, so if I missed you, please forgive me... These ladies were all working on some really stunning projects - shiny fibers, colorful knitting... just breathtaking. Show and tell, even informally done, keeps us all inspired.

Several farm tours took us to the barn to commune with the alpacas, sheep and chickens.

Ted's quiche has become an indispensable and quickly-devoured tradition on spin-in day.

Jennifer and Claire made sure we got some good nutrition with the fresh fruit they brought from Luling, TX. Nice.

Peggy baked some really good gluten-free cookies for those in the group who have trouble with that. And, I somehow have no photo evidence of the large quantities of ICE CREAM that were consumed today! Unbelievable! (OK, ladies - your secrets are safe forever.)

Lisa came such a long way to visit and learn about how we run our operation here. She's also interested in Jacob and Gulf Coast Native sheep, so we had lots to visit about. She shared some gorgeous alpaca fleece samples with me and got me lusting after some of her colored Suri fleeces...

Lisa's husband is a cotton farmer out west, and she brought some hand-picked cotton for us to sample and spin. This stuff is like buttah - I'm just going to HAVE to work on my long draw and give cotton another try.

The sweet part of the day I didn't expect was getting presents myself. Peggy brought me a very nice mannequin torso - so helpful in displaying our finished items, Brenda brought me a hysterical birthday card that baaaaas when you open it, and Dawn brought me a Scentsy warmer and wax bars to give the barn a delightful aroma (very handy with a live-in kitty)! With the sweet birds, it's exactly the warmer I would have picked out for myself.

My friend Liz, who is so much help to me in so many ways, helped me warp my rigid heddle loom and now I'm ready to weave a scarf. I'm overwhelmed, sisters... seriously overwhelmed. Thank you...

We don't have a specific plan for next month, other than gathering for more great times together, but I'll be working on it, you can be sure.

And for those of you keeping score at home, the fence project is progressing beautifully! More details on Monday. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks for taking my family on a tour - they think you are the sweetest thing ever. Hopefully I can stay longer next time! And did I miss Claire from Dublin? Or was she there & I missed her? I've been following her blog & wish I had met her! I also left my chair. You can put it to good use until I make it back your way!

  2. Looks like it was a great day! You spin cotton with a long draw? I thought Lisa said she spins with a short forward draw. In any event, it will be fun to try!

  3. Hey Tasha - you're so welcome - bring the folks back again sometime when it's cooler ;-). Claire was sitting in the big rocking chair back by the AC. We'll need to go around the room and make introductions next time! Your chair is safe and will be waiting for your next visit. Loved having you, friend!

  4. Mary - have Kate show you her method - it's very cool. If you make punis, they can be spun long draw with a very fast whorl. Give it a go!

  5. I'm so sad to have missed it AGAIN this month . . . stupid work!

  6. Chris - we really, really missed you! But I have a plan...

  7. Anonymous4:58 PM

    How have you got on with the cotton fibre?

  8. Oh, Caroline - sad to say I haven't had a minute to pick it up. When I do get a bit of spinning time, I usually reach for something that won't tax my brain or my fingers too much... Hope to be up for a challenge soon.


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