A Gaggle of Gigglers

Today was all about DD's birthday (far left). Fourteen years old today. She invited six friends over for pizza and then off to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. Both DH and I had to drive a car to get this whole gaggle delivered to the theater. It was pretty fun to let the girls loose to sit in another section of the theatre away from us grownups--one of the mini rites of passage as we watch her become her own woman. Everybody warns me that the drama is about to break into our lives, but so far, I don't see it. Our kid is very level headed.

I got a little Girl Time myself today - pals Jill and Debbie came over to knit in the cool LRB. I worked on a radical spinning project - a very bright Merino and Tencel roving, plied with some poly/cotton thread. This colorway was a big stretch for me, but I really like it.

It came out to a DK weight, 285 yards. I'll be perusing the Ravelry library to find a small scarf or shawlette pattern to use with this yarn.

Of course, I ran out of my plying thread before I ran out of merino singles, so I Navajo plied the remaining yarn and got about 28 yards of 3-ply. The colors stayed bright, but I'm not sure what kind of project this can be.

Tomorrow I get together with the Texas Twisters; our weekly spinning and knitting confab. We share our fiber journeys, and also our outside joys and pains. Get us going, and this older group of ladies can giggle the younger set under the table.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Happy 14th to DD! Looks as though you had a great time!
    Love from


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