Girls to Women

I'm just back from driving down to Medina, TX in the hill country with my friend Ellen. We were picking up our daughters and a couple of their friends from a week at church camp. Nearly their whole youth group went, and they had a blast.

Having worked at a church camp for several summers during my highschool and college years, I knew pretty much what to expect on the last day... Emotional goodbyes, photos with counselors...

and a fun closing ceremony to show the parents what the kids had been up to all week.

This camp is really wonderful - incredible facilities, great staff, food, activities, etc. Our girls came back really fired up and encouraged. Ellen and I noticed not only how much fun the girls had together, but how much they had matured in their attitude toward others. I'm a big fan of church camp. It helps the young women (and men) begin to take on their world and make their faith their own. They begin to look around and develop compassion for people around them, and see a little past their own noses. It's a joy and a delight to watch.

Did I mention the lovely facilities and awesome hill country scenery? I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks here as a camper myself!

I wonder if they'd do a knitting/spinning retreat during the off season?

If you have a youngster who might benefit from a great week being loved on and built up by a very special bunch of proven counselors and staff, check out Deer Creek Camp in Medina. I promise I'm not on the payroll.


  1. Beautiful place! I'm with you - ready to go at the drop of a hat. I bet this place is still gorgeous in the winter. Glad Emma had a good time.


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