Ice Cream Versus the Texas Heat

This Saturday, friends at the Little Red Barn will be choosing between Classic Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Bean, Rainbow Sherbet, Reese's Peanutbutter, Cherry Cordial, and more. With the temperatures doing their level best to melt us all into sticky spots on the sidewalks, we have to call out the heavy artillery. No choice, really - can't be helped.

And while we're enjoying the cool LRB, knitting, spinning, and taking some fortifying refreshment, poor Mr. Bennett will be outside in the heat, making the north pasture safe for ovine kind.

My friend, Michael, will also be here with his chain saw to cut away some pesky Greenbriar vines and brush that would impede the fence repair project. The two of them should be able to knock out this task in short order.

Once this is completed, the sheep will finally be able to enjoy the lovely grass in the North-north pasture, and we'll be able to cut back on the store-bought hay. Crazy, really, to be buying food for these guys, when there's so much right under their noses.

There are other exciting improvements coming to the farm in the coming days, and details to follow. Can't wait to spill the beans.

But for now, the LRB awaits! So, which flavor for you?


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