Learn How to Take Art Photos

© photo by Ellie Ivanova

Come to the farm on September 25, 10 am to noon, for an inspiring photography workshop with our friend, Ellie Ivanova, of Parasol Photography. Here's how she describes it:

In a high-tech digital age, when even the simplest camera phone can
take sharp pictures, art photographers have turned to old photo
techniques like film and forgotten low-tech tools like plastic toy
cameras to create high-art with unusual appeal. The result is quirky
images with a soul.

© photo by Ellie Ivanova

Ellie Ivanova will lead a workshop showing how to use Holga, a very
friendly and simple, yet creative toy camera with a plastic lens and
unique low-fi features such as light leaks, vignetted corners and soft
focus. If you are interested in photography and eager to try out
something forgotten and unusual, give Holga a try.

© photo by Ellie Ivanova

We'll start with a demonstration of the camera and discussion of its
creative potential. We'll then go for a photo hunt, then finish with a
brief wrap-up. Ellie will process the negatives and will make the
photographs available for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Participants are NOT required to purchase a Holga camera ($27 from
amazon.com) in advance. Cameras and film will be provided for the
photo shoot. Information on where to buy and process film, as well as
further inspiration, will be included.


If that sounds as much like a blast to you as it does to me, send me an e-mail (ctelisak@juno.com) to register. Cost is only $25--a steal. We'll begin at 10 AM and wrap up at noon, just in time for lunch and some spinning in the Little Red Barn. Beat that.

PS - Ellie is one of our featured artisans at the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market here on October 16. If you haven't seen some of her images from her native Bulgaria and around the world, you are missing a treat.


  1. My son's favorite camera is his Holga. I think it was the focus (no pun intended) of one of his first photo classes at the Art Institute of Boston. I'm glad to see others so interested in the Holga!

  2. Yes please I would like to come! :)

  3. Caroline - your airfare is going to make your registration a little less of a bargain, but we'd adore having you here.... ;-)

  4. Lynne Hubner6:21 PM

    Count me in!


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