The Little Red Barn Annex

Several times on our Third Saturday Fiber Day we've shoehorned fourteen or more sweet spinners and knitters into the Little Red Barn for a great day of girlfriend time together. Everyone has been a good sport about it, but the thought is usually verbalized, "you really need to add on to the Little Red Barn! Bump out a wall! Add a second story!"

Alas my friend, that just ain't gonna happen. But we do need more space, and I don't want anyone staying home for fear that there won't be enough room. So here's my plan:

Two Saturdays. Double the fun. Double the floorspace.

The doors of the LRB will be open for play time on both the Third and Fourth Saturdays of the month. I want to stay away from other local spin-in days, and I want all of our regular Barnies and newcomers to feel like they can come any time and find a comfortable place to hang out. Come one week, or come both weeks.... your choice. You know you're always welcome.

So, in August, we'll meet on the 21st and the 28th. In September, it's the 18th and 25th (the 25th is also Ellie Ivanova's photography workshop here.) In October it's the 16th and 23rd, with the 16th also the big Fall Gift Market here. You see how it goes... We'll try it for a couple of months and see if we like it. Maybe we'll find that we prefer to be like, well, you know...


  1. Brilliant! It's brilliant! What if everyone comes to both?? I got my bags & I love them.

  2. That would mean that a bunch of fiber ladies would have to get organized and coordinated. Probably not gonna happen ;-) (Glad you like your bags!)

  3. This is fantastic! Especially for August -- I wasn't going to be able to make it on the 21st, but I think I can come out the following week! :D

  4. Yay, Chris! THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

  5. Perk! Photography Workshop? Is this a public event? If so, details, woman!

  6. That is FAN-TAB-O-LISH-ISH!!!!! Thanks for opening up for Mo Spinning!!! And, the photography workshop??!! Details! I have always wanted more tips on getting better pictures! Ellie is sooo good!! :)

  7. Yes, girls - it's high time to start promoting the super-fun workshop coming up with Ellie Ivanova. September 25, using Holga cameras. I'll devote a blog post to it today... This lady is the bomb.

  8. Did you buy those sardines especially for this post?

  9. You have no idea how excited I am about this. Now Gene won't have to deal with my pouting if I can't make a 3rd Saturday.

    The sardines were a great touch--all they needed were little spinning wheels and bowls of ice cream.


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