Morning at the Vet's Office

Darn it. Ms. Ruth's urinary issues have flared up again. Our great vet's office squeezed us in between lots of other hurting pets today, and I really appreciate it.

Angela did the initial assessment.

Dr. Abraham decided we needed to look at the bladder with ultrasound to see if stones were rolling around in there making trouble. Ruth laid quietly on her back without any sedation, as long as the techs kept up the ear scritching.

Dr. Abraham has taken care of Ruth since before she came to our farm - back when she was known as "Tessa." He looked very concerned.

He found, not stones, but a thickening of the bladder wall, which could be a tumor or just an irritation left over from the previous problems.

We're going to try a much stronger antibiotic for ten days and then check again to see if this mass has gone away.

Would love your thoughts and prayers for our sweet Ruth. You can see she's a favorite of these awesome vet techs. Shawn tidied up her toenails for free, just because. So sweet.

Ruth loves them back.


  1. Oh, I love that girl!! How I wish my situation was different--I'd take her in a heartbeat!! Super prayers, hugs and kisses, to you and Ruth (and Ted and Emma too). You all are saints to hang in there with that sweet girl! Bless you!!

  2. Dang, that's tough. If there was any way we could fit another house dog into this tiny trailer, we'd take her. Mika has bladder issues too, but as long as we keep her on her thyroid medicine, they stay away.

  3. P.S. Did you ask him about giving her ProBios while she's on all those antibiotics? Don't want her gut to get all messed up from the cure for the bladder issue.

  4. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I will pray for you and Ruth. Alpacamama

  5. Poor gal. Definitely will say lots of prayers for her!

  6. Y'all are in my thoughts & prayers. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome!

  7. Sending her some psychic ear scratches and tummy rubs as well as prayers for quick healing. Ruth is so sweet. Last time I saw her, I was walking past and she put a paw out and gently set it on my foot. I know she was telling me: You ain't walking past without adoring me for a moment. Certainly an easy request.

  8. O Cindy! I hope Rith is soon feeling better! I can quite see why everyone loves her! She is beautiful!

  9. Sorry, my last should have read RUTH! I will be praying for her!


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