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I'm finally getting my feet back under myself after our big trip to Idaho, and my Very Happy Birthday yesterday. Of course, I've adopted the ritual of celebrating all month for my birthday, so any spontaneous celebrations that erupt for the next few weeks will be chalked up to that.

The rain that fell all during our trip fueled lots of growing around here; the lawn was up to my shins. That raggedy lawn makes me slightly claustrophobic, so I put in a call to my friend, Jose, to bring us back into some order. Jose does good work, and in no time the whole place looked crisp and tidy. (And yes, I wish I had my own zero turn mower...)

Actually, one area has begun to return to its preferred jungle state - the garden. The grass and weeds took advantage of my absence and Gail's preoccupation with the animals and multiplied a hundredfold. And so did some of the veggies. Ted and I took nearly five pounds of yellow squash in a casserole to a dinner party on Monday, with more ripening as we speak.

And check out these lovely eggplants! I'm not even sure I know how to cook them, but they are so lovely to look at!

My completed knitting and crochet projects have stirred me up to press on. And I have a new inspiration: Lucy of Attic24. This woman has an incredibly intense eye for color and design, and in response, I had to gather up some pretty color from my own stash. Most of my taste runs in the natural/neutral families, but I found these skeins of "orphans" from Susie Gibbs' Juniper Moon Farm that more closely suit Lucy's designs. I started a hexagon. Just for fun. An afghan is a big commitment, and you know how I am with large projects. No promises...

Of course, this latest distraction is competing with the last half of the lace washcloth, and also with my once-a-year stab at some fiction reading, so we'll see how long this compulsion lasts.

See what I got a spinning today? A gorgeous Apple Upside Down (Birthday) Cake made by my incredible friend, Laurie. I love how she always garnishes her culinary creations with flowers from her garden. The ladies also gave me a stack of the silliest birthday cards I've seen collected in one pile before. Love them.

I hang with some of the sweetest, dearest, creative and talented ladies on Earth.


  1. Keep celebrating, my friend!!! As usual I am a little slow so please accept my belated birthday greetings. Since you, Emma, and I all have July birthdays I do think of the whole month as one big birthday bash. Got your card and still laughing every time I think of it.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I have no excuse...just my own forgetfulness! I hope you had a great day, and that you have a great month! I wish you a year filled with laughter, light & love...and all the good things you wish for.

  3. Eggplant parmesan! Or just fried eggplant slices -- like you might do with zuchinni or yellow squash. :)

  4. that picture of the egg plant is just so beautiful! and should both have some excellent cooking ideas. i like them better peeled. salting and let sitting for a while in paper towel i found also helps to be less bitter and cruncher as the salt draws out a lot of water.

  5. Chop up the eggplants with the squash, some tomatoes and peppers and toss around in a pan for a while with olive oil, garlic and other seasonings - quick and yummy!


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