Parker, Texas is Where It's At

Our D Magazine mention! It got right past me when it came out a couple of weeks ago. Remember when our friend Ryan came to visit? The little blurb he wrote about the farm hit the internet and I just found it this evening. Here's the deal: Parker has been named among the top 10 suburbs in Dallas for several years running, but this year, our little burg, population 3600, ranked Number One.

Because of that, Ryan was charged with finding ways to have fun in Parker without spending much money, and then writing about it. He found us! It's a fun read. Ryan also featured our friends down the street, Khatter Vineyards, though I think we got more ink. He didn't seem too impressed with Southfork Ranch, the most famous Parker landmark, but then, he's way too young to have appreciated the kitsch, camp and gaudy lifestyle of the Dallas! series.

Good job, Ryan - thanks! Come back to see us, and I'll teach you to spin, over a glass of Carolyn Khatter's cabernet.


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Jacob's Reward hits the big time!
    - Bob W


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