We Meet at Last!

I finally got to meet Facebook and Ravelry pal Dina, and her husband Burt in person today, when they came by the farm for the nickle tour, and to pick up their spiffy new Farm Totes. Wow - what perfect LRB Buddy Potential! Dina's learning to spin on her own and is doing a wonderful job - I told her she'd find nothing but encouragement and support at the next spin-in. Right ladies? And you should see the cashmere scarf she's knitting! Va-va-voom! They don't live far away and have no excuse now for not returning soon for more fibery love. Great to meet you, guys!

Earlier today, I trekked up to Greenville to my friend Amy's bodacious ranch, where she keeps 170 of the loveliest alpacas you can imagine. Yes, that's her ranch in all the shearing photos. It was my supreme honor to help get Ms. Amy spinning on her new Rio Grande wheel today. Unfortunately, I left my brain and my camera at home so there is no photo evidence of the monumental moments (this pleased Amy to no end). Suffice it to say, I left her making some lovely yarn on her drop spindle and quite fired up to get going on the Rio Grande. It was my first time on a quill wheel, and I was relieved not to make quite a fool of myself.

Amy and I are really kindred spirits, and we got so excited talking about some very fun projects we hope to stir up together in the alpaca realm - I came home feeling like I'd done espresso shots all morning - WHOOO - BOY HOWDY!

And after some knock-down-drag-out negotiating, we decided that I'll soon welcome to the farm two of her gorgeous alpaca boys - a white and a gray huacaya - to add to our fiber herd. I brought home their most recent sheared fleeces, and it's all I can do not to eat them with a spoon right now. Oh, Em, Gee. I'll let you know closer to the time the boys come to live here. They are so sweet, and as I say, the fiber is fabulous enough to eat off a plate. If you're a 2010 shareholder, your spinning fingers must be itching like mad - what's coming will blow your fiber mind. You've been warned.


  1. So glad to hear Amy is getting started on The Rio Grande wheel. She is a great lady. I am excited about my 2010 share and all that yummy fiber coming my way.

  2. What an absolutely exciting and fun day! The alpaca fiber sounds scrumptious!

  3. I think I know how you feeeeel! Can't wait to meet the new guys!


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