Quiet day on the farm today. Ran a couple of errands and had to see about Ruth's latest malady. Seems she has come down with some urinary problems that necessitated a trip to the vet. Fortunately I didn't need to take the whole dog in, just some dog pee. Much easier on the lower back, as Ruth herself is nearly 100 pounds of "She Who Must Be Lifted."

While I was out, one of my errands took me to Tractor Supply. I do love my feed store peeps. I know the checkout lady by name and she always asks about the sheep and the spinning.

Back in the parking lot, I was greeted by these four cheery fellows. They knocked me out of my to-do list stupor and made me grin from ear to ear. With single-minded focus, they waited for their Person to come back out and take them someplace exciting. Like the gas station, maybe, or the dump.

So, Ruth will be on the mend shortly, thanks to some antibiotics and some $pecial Food, if you know what I mean. She's still as sweet as ever, but we've got to find her that Happily Ever After home. Keep her in your thoughts, please...


  1. Poor Ruth! So sorry she is ill again!

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    My vet said they would post something that Ruth needs a new home. Send me something and I will get it to them. Give Ruth an extra love for me. Love, Alpacamama

  3. That's a great idea, Alapamama . . . when I get back to Dallas I'm going to do the same thing. I tried to entice the girl who worked at the Richardson Animal Shelter--she owns a Ruth breed dog (great pyranese??)--and she seemed interested until I told her she had some med. problems. I just know there's somebody out there, though, who needs Ruth as much as Ruth needs them!! xoxo

  4. Oh, poor Ruth, I am so sorry.

    Those 4 labs in the truck look like a pile of fun! Wow! I bet they stay busy with their human. Or is it the other way around. :)


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