Advanced Farm Camp

The Farm Kids hit the ground running this morning, walking through all the feeding and watering chores of real farmers. Today was about Doing, not just Watching.

They examined a serendipitous bit of nature: a young Praying Mantis I found in the house last night who needed releasing back into the wild. We wanted to get him back doing the job he was made to do, in the garden.

Then some serious crafting and necklace making...

And on to Fiber Prep 101. First we looked at raw wool, but that's kind of smelly, so we practiced carding clean wool, which smells much better.

Finally, the fun part: spinning! We made yarn with primitive spinners-- paper clips. We each made enough yarn for a bracelet or necklace...

...with enough left over to glue into our Farm Journals to remember for a long time.

I think we worked out some of the Farm Camp kinks, and next spring, we'll be able to offer a full week of fun for kids. I'll let everyone know next year with plenty of lead time when Camp is coming up. I totally can't wait.


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