Chore Hero

I don't thank Ted enough for bankrolling this whole enterprise, plus adding some sweat equity from time to time. Mostly he's known for the kick-butt quiche that he makes when we ladies gather in the Little Red Barn on our Third Saturday spin-ins.

But he also throws his back into it when I have a job that's too big for me alone. Why do I save the big jobs for Saturday? I think it's because I'm more likely to get help on the kinds of things that are too much for me all by myself. Today Ted helped me by cleaning out the Jacob sheep stall, which was getting pretty awful, since those two quasi-ram-boys have it in for me. Ted is really tall, (and is not associated with food) so they are quite intimidated by him. He can move around in their pen without fear of getting butted from behind.

So a big, unpleasant job got checked off the list today. The farm is cleaner, the animals have a healthier home, and I'm grateful. Thanks, Ted.


  1. Hooray Ted! Ted is teh awesome; you can tell him so from me! :)

  2. I'll pass it along, Chris ;-) Thanks!

  3. All right!! Don't you just love it when the guys help with those bigger than life chores?? I sure do.


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