Farm Camp Beta Testing

A couple of sweet young friends of mine agreed to rigorously Beta test some of my ideas for Farm Camp activities, so that we'll be rearing to go next spring. (I was a little late getting the word out this summer, and the horrid heat has kept everyone afraid to venture out.)

Day One kept us busy from 9 to noon, and the girls laid a great foundation for the coming days. Feeding chores come first on the farm, so we knocked out our feeding rounds first thing.

Shadrach served as our hands-on model to teach about sheep anatomy and fiber fluffiness. He loves attention, and extra grain.

Crazy Chicken also submitted to close scrutiny. The girls were particularly drawn to the chickens, though they would have preferred to have some baby chicks to cuddle.

Even Moonstruck stood for some stroking. My able farmhand Emma earned her wages today wrangling animals and entertaining the girls, who requested several trips to the barn to check for eggs.

After some time outdoors, we moved to the cool Little Red Barn to decorate our visors, Nature Boxes and Farm Journals. In the coming days, we'll fill the box and journal with found objects, cut-out photos, and notes from things we've learned.

Nature is everywhere at the farm!

Of course, no trip to the farm would be complete without a few minutes of Ruth Love. Our big white lady is feeling better already and was happy to entertain guests, as long as the scritching continued.

Tomorrow - fun with fiber: spinning and weaving.


  1. Looks as though the girlls had a lot of fun! Ruth must have completed their day, she looks as though she enjoyed herself too. I think company of that sort will help her feel better.

  2. Looks like an awesome time for the girls! And the critters!


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