Farm Girl Dreams

In light of our brand new Farm Girl chapter here at the Little Red Barn, I've been daydreaming some Farm Girl dreams...

Being a farm girl has many different facets, but I'm sort of on a cowgirl jag at the moment. There's so many other parts of what makes a farm girl unique.

(Our Chapter leader, Maryann, is looking into getting a bunch of these great mugs. I got mine at a feed store near Tyler, but we hope to be able to order some at a good price soon. Keep it here.)

What do you dream about when you think "farm girl?"


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Maybe one of your first get togethers could be at the Cowgirl's Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth...the spirit of a cowgirl is absolutely part of what comes to mind for me when I think of farmgirl spirit...I love that place!!


  2. Absolutely, Suzy - and if we need a road trip, there's the Pioneer Woman museum in Ponca City, OK! Talk about some strong, ingenious, courageous, passionate ladies...

  3. Mugs??!! Don't forget my sister is a potter! I would think she could make us a good deal! ;)
    Let me know if you want me to talk to her!

  4. damn! i wish i could wear boots! or heel or... damn!

    ps, if you are even up in denton, drop by twu...the pioneer woman wears combat boots.

  5. Even here in Hawaii, I pull out my boots about once a week! Paniolo up! *;)

  6. I just sent in my registration online.... waiting for my first badge!


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