Farm Girl Dreams

In light of our brand new Farm Girl chapter here at the Little Red Barn, I've been daydreaming some Farm Girl dreams...

Being a farm girl has many different facets, but I'm sort of on a cowgirl jag at the moment. There's so many other parts of what makes a farm girl unique.

(Our Chapter leader, Maryann, is looking into getting a bunch of these great mugs. I got mine at a feed store near Tyler, but we hope to be able to order some at a good price soon. Keep it here.)

What do you dream about when you think "farm girl?"


  1. Cindy,
    Maybe one of your first get togethers could be at the Cowgirl's Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth...the spirit of a cowgirl is absolutely part of what comes to mind for me when I think of farmgirl spirit...I love that place!!


  2. Absolutely, Suzy - and if we need a road trip, there's the Pioneer Woman museum in Ponca City, OK! Talk about some strong, ingenious, courageous, passionate ladies...

  3. Mugs??!! Don't forget my sister is a potter! I would think she could make us a good deal! ;)
    Let me know if you want me to talk to her!

  4. damn! i wish i could wear boots! or heel or... damn!

    ps, if you are even up in denton, drop by twu...the pioneer woman wears combat boots.

  5. Even here in Hawaii, I pull out my boots about once a week! Paniolo up! *;)

  6. I just sent in my registration online.... waiting for my first badge!


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