Farmgirl Field Trip

My pal Cyndi and I spent the day in Greenville yesterday, and on the way we stopped at an old feed store full of character and great deals.

We're using a new feed for our alpacas, and only a couple of the feed stores carry it.  Feagin Implements was on our way, and we had a great time meeting the owner, John, and his mom, Glenda.  Nothing fancy here, just nice people who give you a fair price.  No credit cards.

Cyndi and I stocked up on this feed, which is actually made for horses, and a bag or two of chicken pellets for good measure.

A farmgirl and her Ford.  It's a beautiful thing...


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    What are you feeding your alpacas? Enjoy the cooler weather. Alpacamama

  2. Peggy, we're trying out a horse feed called Super Horse 14 made by Sabine Valley Mills. The first time I got it, I went to Greenville to the co-op itself. But Feagin is closer to me. It's way cheaper than the Muenster, and so far, the pacas seem to be doing fine on it. Feagin is almost to Farmersville on 78. This feed is recommended because it has most of the nutrients our friends Amy and Arlin recommend for the alpacas.

    Yes, the cooler weather is heaven.

  3. This is the same place that had that orchard grass hay I told you about last year that was cheaper than Poole was getting for coastal. He brings it in from Tennessee (I think) when he can find it and they drop the whole trailer in his parking lot. He's a good guy to know.

  4. Yeah, I thought so, but I finally made myself check it out. They are so sweet there. I'll definitely be back.

  5. Yeeeee hawwwww, FarmGirl Sisters! Do they sell purses there??


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