The Grass is Greener

...outside of the sheep pen. Ted was about to fire up the lawn mower when he remembered that we have nine woolie lawn mowers just inside the paddock. We gathered the temporary panels and fashioned a small annex, and the sheep got to work on what they could reach.

Mordecai accuses us of holding out on them all this time...

And the shoving and munching commenced...

Littlest man, Titus, finds a way to avoid the crowd, by working under the fence. First on one side...

Then on the other...

...inspiring Shadrach, the Michelin Sheep, to try the same trick.

Nice try, Shad...


  1. I needed a good laugh today . . . thank you for sharing those a.dor.a.ble pictured! :o)

  2. Good thinking! I've been trying to figure out how to keep my sheep on the side of the road just outside my fence!

  3. With a little more energy, I would have put up the electric netting. It makes a bigger temporary pen and keeps them contained nicely. Maybe next time.

  4. Anonymous1:53 AM

    How funny. It is always amazing what they do to get the grass outside ;-).

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Hahahaha - love the look on Mordecai's face!


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