Let's Sync our Calendars

So much is coming up, I don't want you to miss anything.

This Saturday is our (anything but) regular Third Saturday Spin-In at the Little Red Barn, and if you can't make it, don't fret - the following Saturday is our New Fourth Saturday Spin-In at the Little Red Barn. Come once or come twice, and bring a friend!

Holga Photograph by Ellie Ivanova

Our Spin-Ins for September will be on the 18th and 25th, but for the 18th we have a special plan. It's International Spin in Public Day, and we will gather that day at Collin Creek Mall to expose our fiber craft to the unsuspecting public. I'll have more details about that very soon. (Do want to warn the mall people...) Then the following week, there are still spots available for Ellie Ivanova's outstanding Holga Photography workshop on September 25th. If you'd like to register, send a check for $25 made out to Ellie and we'll hold you a spot. (4308 Church Lane, Parker, TX 75002) You'll be so glad you took advantage of her skills and teaching...

Spinners enjoying some time under the canopy at the Spring festival

will be the month to remember with our "Share the Harvest" Gift Market on the 16th. Our 23 incredible artisans are working hard to hand craft enough gifty-goodness to complete your holiday shopping in one visit. Have your picture taken with our sheep, get your face painted, enjoy a snack, sit and knit or spin, support a couple of local charities, and admire the awesome talents of these genius artists. Now, the 16th would normally be our Spin-In day, so please come and spin amid the happy market environment. We'll also spin on the 23rd, 'cuz you just can't get enough spinnin' time at the farm.

Fiber Elves dividing up the 2009 harvest for our Shareholders

2011 Fiber Shares.
Our goal is to have our 2010 Fiber Harvest back from the processor by the end of October... we did it last year and we hope to be just a bit ahead of last year's schedule, so I think it's a reasonable goal. Assuming we make it, 2011 Shares will go on sale at the end of October. We're closing in on getting the 2010 fiber washed and prepped, and I have to say, this has been one wonderful year for fleeces. Yum.

Sisterhood Badge awaiting personalization

The Little Red Barn Farmgirls' Chapter.
Maryann and I are still planning and plotting, but we hope to unveil more news and organizational stuff soon about our chapter. The cool thing about the Farmgirl Chapter is that friends you know who might not be into fiber arts can still be involved and take part, because there's so much more to Farmgirls! Let's cast our circle wider, and welcome some new friends! Bring your quilter, gardener, baker, recycler, crafter friends and let's do this thing! Take the first steps: go to the MaryJane site and 1) register and 2) join as an individual. This gives you access to all information and forums on her site. (I'm finding that MaryJane's site is a bit like Ravelry -- you have to poke around a while to see everything and learn how it all works.) Then, when we announce a meeting, show up with a smile!

Winning fleece samples from a Spin-Off Competition

Looking way out to November, we have a bunch of fun coming. The Kid N Ewe fiber festival in Boerne, TX takes place November 12-14 and we'll have a booth there. Pal Rita and I are also judging the STAR (State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers) alpaca spin-off competition there and the winning fleece samples will be displayed. Love that part! The following Saturday, November 20, we'll spin together in the barn, and even on the 27th if anyone would like... that's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We can spin and eat leftovers!

Spinners enjoying their craft and each others' company in the LRB

Wow - I'm already welling up with a bunch of Thanksgiving right now, even in the 100 degree weather.... awesome...


  1. Wow! So many fun opportunities coming up! I sure wish I lived close by!

  2. I *know*! Hmmm... you may just have to stir up a bunch of fun fiber events out west!! If you do, send pictures!


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