Pullet Surprise!

It started as a simple run to the feed store...

But as I was leaving, I noticed that the store's chicken pen had some young Ameraucana pullets in it. Hey, I was looking for some of those! You girls are coming home with me.

Our three JFR green egg layers have gone off their laying lately, and my egg cartons have grown a bit mono-chromatic of late. Time to call in some recruits. Happily, I have an idle chicken pen just waiting for new occupants. Just have to drag it in from the south end of the pasture.

There... huff, puff. Now to install the new residents...

In ya go!

Check it out, ladies...

Five new layers, happy in their new home. Hopefully in about three months, we'll be back in the green egg business.


  1. I *heart* chickens! *;)

  2. They look divine in there . . . it was meant to be!!

  3. These little ladies are so pretty! :) I am glad that you saw them! They needed to be in a bigger space! I hate seeing them so cramped in the cages at the Feed Stores!


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