VIV's and New Spinner #82

Our busy Camp week sort of stole the scene from some Very Important Visitors we had over the weekend. Our friend Jennifer introduced her friend Kader to the farm on one of the hottest days ever on Saturday. Kader is an au pair (nanny) from Turkey, about to take a month's holiday back home. I'm thinking she won't miss Texas this week.

Then three lovely ladies, Rachel, Jennifer, and Magan, toured the farm and met all the critters. They had asked Google for a fiber farm nearby and were led straight to Jacob's Reward. Did I mention I love Google? What a joy to share with these gals our mission of community and wholeness here at the farm. Thank you so much for catching the vision, and welcome to our family...

If you're keeping track of our quest to teach 100 spinners this calendar year, here's a wonderful update. New Spinner Number Eighty-Two is our friend Shannon, who took to spindle spinning like a duck to water. Before she left her first lesson, she was well on her way to a spindle full of really, really lovely Jacob yarn!

I think a big reason for our unbroken success rate is having Smokey sit in your lap as you learn. She won't have it any other way. Especially if you don't like cats. If you can make yarn while the purring girl digs her nails into your thighs, you can make yarn anywhere, under any circumstances. And you're a very good sport.

Welcome to the next level of fiber obsession, Shannon - your life will never be the same!


  1. I would love it of Smokey sat on my knee too! She reminds me of a cat James Herriot wroteabout in his vet series, she always went missing from her home if there was a community event going on. She would regularly turn up to the Women's Institute, church choir practice and several other things. All this just beacuse, justlike Smokey, she wanted to be the centre of attention, oh and because she wanted a lap to sit on!

  2. Good going Cindy....#82 and still teaching strong. Shannon, it happened to be and my life has never been the same but truely blessed & enriched!!



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