Where'd Today Go?

Wow. Today got snatched out of my hand like a designer bag at a yard sale. I had big plans for the blog today, but the first day of school and the first day back at the gym and the first day cooking a decent meal before 9 PM all took their toll. Mea culpa.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about Organizing the Farm Girls. Here's the most important thing I was going to ask: for those of you interested in joining our Farm Girls chapter, which one night a month would be better over the long term for our regular meetings... Wednesday or Friday? E-mail me or comment below to weigh in on the decision.

More details about the chapter start-up tomorrow...


  1. Fridays are always better for me . . . I don't have to get up at 5:30 the next morning! :D

  2. I am interested and it would be easier for me to meet on a Friday evening. Wednesday evenings are White Rock Knitting & Crochet group.


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