Artisan Spotlight - Phantom's Paw

Last October at our big Fall Festival, I met a lovely couple who work in the ancient arts of leather working and spinning/weaving.  Jean and David Cominolo, known as Phantom's Paw, have been active in the re-enactment communities (medieval and Civil War) for years, and have crafted historically accurate items from these versatile natural materials.  In fact, I was gifted with a lovely set of sleigh bells on a leather strap, that hang from the doorknob if the LRB--you always know when someone is coming or going because of the festive jingling.

Their leisure activities help them relax from their stressful tech support and graphic design jobs.  They hope to move up to some really serious venues like Scarborough Faire and the Fort Worth Art Walk.  Their work is heavily influenced by Celtic designs and primitive functions. 

David and Jean will not only have some lovely hand made leather and woven goods to sell at the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market, but will be providing some hands-on crafts for the kids who visit.  I'm really looking forward to enjoying their talent and their infectious sense of humor.  Ask them about their kitties, especially the saucy one who fills out their vendor paperwork.


Thank you to everyone who shared lovely comments in yesterday's post.  I'll announce the winner(s) of the Jacob yarn in the morning.  I'm really grateful, and a bit teary, for the heartwarming things you shared about the farm - it looks like we're on track with our mission, and that fills my heart with joy.  But I know there's always room for improvement, and I'd sincerely love to hear your suggestions, if you think of some, in an e-mail.  I'll take everything to heart.


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