Avoid this Mall

OK.  As if I didn't already have plenty of reason to boycott Collin Creek Mall, this is the last nail in the coffin...

After digging around a cold, sterile, unhelpful website and leaving an unanswered e-mail message, I drove over to CCM to speak to someone in management and ask if they'd have any issues with us knitting and spinning in the mall on Saturday morning.  I walked all over tarnation (a very big place) to find a mall directory, then trekked another long way to get to the dark, secluded management office.  There, I was greeted by staff who were a good deal less than welcoming, and who had bad news for me:  I'd need to talk to a leasing agent, and there would be a fee for us to sit by their fountain and knit.  Really?  No signage, nothing to sell, but we need liability insurance and approval by a committee?  I left my phone number for a call back, turned on my heel and left.

I had a voice mail yesterday from a leasing agent who said we'd need to fill out an application and the fee would probably be around $1500. 


Excuse me?  (knock, knock...)  Anybody in there?  Did you read my note?  I told them we weren't selling anything or passing anything out, but they decided to call a bunch of ladies sitting and knitting in their mall a "display."  Which costs.  Big time.

Uh, no.  They don't get it.  Me? Lesson learned.  Love their community spirit...

Here's what I think.  There is a great park not far from me (Bob Woodruff Park) where we could knit and spin under a nice shady pavilion by the lake.  And if/when it gets too hot, we can repair to the LRB.  What do you guys think?  I'm also up for just starting at the LRB and staying cool.  I'll go with whatever feedback wins the majority...

You know I hate to post negative stuff, but a business who punishes its potential customers needs to be exposed.  I shake the dust from my feet.


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    What a connection for me. Your last sentence.
    Fr Don was preaching about that a few weeks ago.

  2. They just don't get it, do they?

  3. Funny--I would call for a boycott of the mall myself except I quit shopping there years ago because I couldn't stand that place! I think a park would be a far more pleasant place and we wouldn't be surrounded by blatant materialism and overpriced junk. The only decent thing thing there is Tinos, mmmm margaritas...oh wait, I'm off topic now.

  4. Somewhere with Margaritas is just what we need!

  5. Too bad that you left your name with them. Because I would have thought you could have just independently shown up and started knitting. And if someone asked you what you were doing, your response could have been that you felt like watching people while you knitted so you came to sit a spell & low & behold someone else came & started knitting, and so on. What would they have done, said no knitting in public???

    Call the press!!! They ought to be embarrassed!
    Harumph!! And I don't even knit! (but I am a friend & shareholder of the farm) Yeah, boycott them!

  6. I say let's knit/spin/bitch in the barn . . . and phooey on them!! There's no other organized spinning in public event going on in Dallas, which is just wrong. Next year let's find a great place and let them promote it for their benefit and we'll provide the fun. xoxo

  7. I really want to do the spin in public thing. I am willing to hit up a starbucks at some point in the day, with other spinners or not. Who's game?

  8. Tell you what - let's start at the LRB, check the weather and strike out on some unsuspecting Public Place when we get critical mass. How's that sound?


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