Chicken Condo Going Up

Less work = Win.  Our friend Gail gave me some ideas of how to streamline the chicken care after she farm-sat for us back in July.  (Gail's a nurse; she's into efficiency.)  The plan centers around consolidating the chicken lodgings.

Bennett, and friend John, to the rescue.

We're going to turn the hay shed into a Big Momma Chicken Condo.  With one large coop to house all of the south chickens and guineas, we can free up the space in the animal barn for extra feed storage.  There would also only be one feeder and one waterer to maintain every day.  Sa-weet.

And yes, I had to ask Bennett to show me his recent power-tool-to-the-bicep injury.  I got the low down, with dramatic re-enactments.  Way cool. 


  1. I love it all....thank you, Gail, thank you, Bennett, and thank you, LORD ! (for biceps...)No biceps- no chicken coop.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing efficiency in action, the finished product. How people keep chickens always interests me.It is very nice to have such talented friends.


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