Farm Kids

Like thirsty little sponges, the kids soaked up the farm... the smells, textures, sights, and sounds.  I enjoy it like it's brand new when I watch the little ones discover this place.  Today I was privileged to welcome two home school families - two moms and twelve kids - for a tour of the farm and some exposure to spinning and wool craft.

Hannah meets the alpacas.

The boys begged me to let them scoop poop.  Really.

Feathers make a great take-home souvenir.   And we have plenty for everybody.

Nate is off to meet the guineas.

A little show-and-tell in the studio.

We take turns treadling the Babe spinning wheel.

Thanks, Angela and Jane, for bringing your lovely kids over for some fun learning.  Come back and knit with us sometime!


  1. Thank you so much, Cindy, for welcoming us to your fiber farm! The kids had so much fun and it was very informative. You gave an excellent tour and presentation! Your studio was LOVELY! We learned so much and discovered so many things, the kids didn't want to leave! We can't wait to get back.



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