Fiber Harvest Countdown

Thanks to the Fiber Elves, Barbara and Laurie, our beautiful alpaca and wool fiber got a little closer to the processor today.  There's just one more washing load and then all the fiber will be ready to mail to Spinderellas.  Depending on Lynn's current work load, we could be seeing our harvest in a month or so, give or take.

We've been washing and picking and tumbling this pretty fiber for weeks now, and today, we sorted it and grouped it for blending.  The colors make me swoon.  And softness?  According to the Elves, this stuff is good enough to spread on bread.  Each of these big bags will be blended into spinning roving.

The one small sad note for this year's crop of fiber is that the Gulf Coast Sheep wool will not be included in the harvest.  With last winter's terrible coyote attack and the accompanying stress, most of the Gulf Coast fleeces have a bad break about half-way up the staple.  We will try to salvage some of these fleeces ourselves, processing them carefully by hand, but this will take time.  I didn't want to slow down the the whole harvest crop by waiting for these to be ready.  The upside?  There's still plenty of fiber to go around to all our shareholders.

I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.


  1. Got that right, Liz. Couldn't do this without them!

  2. And did you all notice - we were working OUTSIDE? Wasn't it gorgeous today? It was cooler outside than inside! Happy dance!

  3. VERRRRY Happy Dance !! It's all good: wool and alpaca, skirting, washing, tumbling,sorting, picking, bagging, smelling, feeling, eating on bread...spinning!
    Thanks for a great farm day for this FarmGirl!

  4. That is so sad about the Gulf Coast Sheep and the stress they were under. Poor babies. I could use some elves here!

  5. Yes, Karen, I recommend Elves. They make my CSA possible. Truly.


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